• October 6, 2022

Behind the Lens: The way I see it.

Photographing for the edit. To have the end in mind from the beginning. To have a “why” before knowing the “how” – the mission that starts from a purpose. What is the finished image? What makes a great portrait? The how is definitely the vehicle that drives but the why provides the road map of where to go. To photograph with the end in mind is to visualize the finished style right in front of the lens while taking it. I like to visualize what I’m photographing as art, l…

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The Science of Beauty

HA! How many times have you heard that one before? Photography is a science of light. How light wraps, how it reflects color, how it shadows and fills. My favorite type of photography is portrait. I love people, I love to photograph people. And I want the people in my photographs to look their best. When it comes to headshots, other than wardrobe and lighting, my clients will look their best with radiant skin and hair. As a woman seeking beauty most of my life, finding the right combination of…

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Front Porch Pandemic Portraits

Did I come over to your house in 2020 and take a picture of you and your family on your front lawn, back yard or your front porch during the pandemic? Although there were times we may have been worried about the plague, we sure did have some great weather for being outdoors. The Spring and Summer of 2020 were some of the best days to be stuck in the PNW. Now that life has moved beyond a daily panic of pandemic pandemonium and we’re feeling more familiar with our…

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Why I Snapped

I was going to write a blog post today about weddings. I have all the photographs sorted and ready. Then I got distracted. I have been distracted trying to figure out how to get found on Google. What do I have to do? There is no help for this. Then I find other photographers. SO. MANY. OTHER. PHOTOGRAPHERS. And one thing I saw more than once in other photographers’ “about me” pages is that they talk about how they “first picked up a camera when they were 7 years old.”…

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boutique wardrobe shopping at Ladders in Stanwood

Wardrobe Shopping at Ladders in Stanwood!

Ladders is my new favorite stop when it comes to wardrobe must haves.

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vixen wardrobe shopping magnolia village seattle portrait photorapher

Wardrobe Styling: Vixen

Boutique shopping is great retail therapy, too!

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19th Century Baby Picture


If you’ve ever seen mothers covered up in old photographs, don’t automatically think the worst. It was for a purpose of practicality at the time. In the Victorian Era of photography, camera’s worked on a very basic level. They needed long exposure times to capture a detailed image. Cameras back then were not at all close to what we have tucked inside our handbags or burnishing our blue jean pockets today. These days a picture-making mechanism has a quick shutter and a sensor so sensitive it can be adjusted to…

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Sign of the times

A Pocket Full of Memories

Looking back at 2019, I call this image, “the sign of the times.” A simple snap showing how photography has evolved to become a memory book in every pocket. I know that I take lots and lots of pictures, many I do not keep. . . anymore. I’m finding loads and loads of stored images with no names or keywords. Many are from when I first started shooting digital. Back then I didn’t understand the concept that digital devices would be ever increasing file sizes which would eventually consume hard…

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Senior Pictures

The Senior Session Season

This is has been a really great season for high school senior sessions. The weather has been very cooperative and the young men and women are all so very ready to move on to something outside the confines of the same walls of their home school Covid classrooms. The girls are usually the more energetic in front of the camera and they can last through nearly 3 hours with multiple outfit changes. The guys are usually “done” within 90 minutes. Although this year, the enthusiasm of the guys for creating…

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chicaboo gowns

Consider the Maternity Session

Those nine months of slow paced anticipation is actually a blink of an eye compared to the next 18 years.

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