Wardrobe Styling: Vixen

Finding wardrobe for your photoshoot should actually be an enjoyable part of the overall portrait experience, don’tcha think? It’s fun trying on and seeing yourself in stylish clothes. Maybe you have something in your closet you don’t get many opportunities to put on or maybe you want something completely new and different. A great place to find stylish outfits is at boutiques! When I think of designing wardrobe for a portrait session my mind automatically thinks “boutique” and there are a few on my short list that I love to check out first!

Networking with other small businesses like boutiques is an ideal fit for my business, so I developed a personal project that involves shopping at these niche places. I thought this would be a fun way to do a consult while emphasising the importance of “what to wear.” The confidence and energy that evolves out of wrapping oneself in beautiful clothing suddenly creates an uplifted mood and genuine expressions that are evident in the portraits. That in turn impacts those who will be viewing the portraits in the future. It’s truly a spark that can start a domino effect.

Vixen’s Clothing Boutique in Magnolia district of Seattle.

Shopping for clothing at boutiques has lots of advantages. There are unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else and the service is always personal and friendly. That makes this project well matched for a fuller mother and daughter experience in addition to the portrait session. Genuine moments created in picking out wardrobe together carries over to genuine moments in front of the camera.

This project has turned out to be a great addition to mother and daughter portraits! It inspires a more meaningful experience for them together ahead of the portrait session.

This is the first of the video series. This one is from my first run with the idea, a shopping experience with a mom and daughter at Vixen Clothing in Magnolia.

The owner and operator at Vixen, Courean, is so creative! She does a fantastic job with her merchandising. Vixen has been in Magnolia Village since 2002 and Courean has a flair for re-inventing the Vixen shopping experience every season.

I love how Pam & Erica matched up outfits for a casual portrait and for a more dressed up look! The staff at Vixen was really helpful in helping them find the color combinations for their looks.

Go check out Vixen. It’s a small space but a great destination for finding that perfect piece you need for your wardrobe!

Tune in again soon for the next boutique experience with Simone and Barbara!

Do you have a favorite boutique you would love for me to visit and feature on my blog? Want to come shop with me and be photographed and featured on my blog? Fill out my contact form and let’s go!

Thank you for taking some time to visit my blog today. Watch for another video soon!

When choosing wardrobe my first rule is “fitted clothing looks the best. Always. No baggy clothes.” Secondly, fitted clothing usually requires good foundational garments. No lops, bulges or muffins stealing the show or making you self conscious.

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