• May 29, 2024

TIPS: Prep for your session

For great looking headshot portraits, it’s important for your skin to look its best. Here are some tips to prepare ahead of time.

  1. Night Before: Use a hyaluronic acid, which is an oil free serum. If you do not make your own (or buy the one I make 🙂 ) check out The Ordinary brand, it has a good list of ingredients. Always follow your hyaluronic acid serum with an occlusive moisturizer to keep the hydration power of the humectant on the skin.
  2. Night Before: To maximize the benefits of the hyaluronic acid make it a ‘facial’ treatment. Use a light sugar scrub to gently slough off some of the dry, top layer skin. Liberally apply hyaluronic acid serum to face (using on slightly damp skin is even better). Over top of that, apply a reusable silicone face mask. Leave in place for at least 20 minutes. (some wear overnight but I do not).
  3. Morning Of: You can also use that hyaluronic acid in your hair! Run it through the strands of damp hair and then use a light touch (just two or three drops) of Moroccan oil or jojoba oil. Work it lightly into the palms of your hands and run that through hair to lock in the hyaluronic serum and really shine.
  4. Morning of your session, for the brightest eyes, apply under eye masks. DRMTLGY is my favorite brand, you won’t be disappointed with these. I keep them in the fridge and use them on mornings when I want to look my best.
  5. A few days ahead: If you need a trim, do that a few days ahead. Any major haircuts, give yourself at least a week to get acclimated on how you want to style.
  6. A few days ahead: For shiny, healthy looking hair, use a hair mask before shampooing. Leave it in your hair up to 30 minutes and then shampoo. Here are some key ingredients to look for when choosing a hair mask:

I hope you find these tips simple enough and helpful to add even to your regular skincare routine.