• May 29, 2024

For the Cutest Christmas Portraits In Town!

My annual portrait event takes place during the month of November so you have enough time before Christmas to get your images and create gifts and holiday cards.

As I write this, November is two weeks away.

Thanksgiving is six weeks away.

Christmas Day is in ten weeks.

So if you want to plan ahead, here’s the link. Save $15 when you book anytime between now and Oct 31. use code CPE2022 at checkout.

Granted it’s not even Halloween yet as I’m posting this, it may seem like I’m rushing things but I’m in anticipation of anticipation. Advent of Advent. Preparing for my Christmas Portait event is a big deal for me. It takes preparation so I can be ready for you all to come and enjoy the experience and get great pictures!

In combination with offering great portraits, Ange and I will also offer our handmade products. Soaps, candles, lotions and jewelry, all high quality, responsibly sourced handmade items. A corner of the studio is planned to be setup as a small “neighborhood boutique.” You can preview items here (and we will be adding more by November 1)

The set in my studio for this year’s Christmas Portrait Event is inspired by royalty. Respectful, tasteful, beautiful. I wanted a castle feeling. Cold stone floor, exposed masonry, large, drafty windows – but with electricity! Ha! Okay, so old drafty castles may not have been the most comfortable living quarters by today’s standards, but they do reflect a kind of romance that harkens back to an age of simplicity that sometimes seems more appealing than the cacophony of society’s issues at hand. Sure, castles may not have been luxurious but for their time, castles offered great protection from enemies. The meaning of Christmas also offers that great protection from the enemy.

The comfort that comes from holiday decorations isn’t just lights. Those tiny lights can brighten even the darkest nights but the effort, time, care and sacrifice (and the electric bill) involved in creating the atmosphere is the human energy driven to produce that satisfying mood of joy. And it works every time! Joy that is capable of transforming things all around like a domino effect, suddenly people are nice (except at Walmart or in traffic). But for the most part, the joy causes us to shift our usual routine in order to experience and share in the greatest love of all with family and friends!

There you have it, I’ve created the ambiance, I’ve set the scene. Come and enjoy and get a great picture of your family to share this 2022 Holiday season. Please join me again this year for my Christmas Portrait Event.

Thank you for visiting my blog today.