• April 18, 2024

The Senior Session Season

This is has been a really great season for high school senior sessions. The weather has been very cooperative and the young men and women are all so very ready to move on to something outside the confines of the same walls of their home school Covid classrooms.

The girls are usually the more energetic in front of the camera and they can last through nearly 3 hours with multiple outfit changes. The guys are usually “done” within 90 minutes. Although this year, the enthusiasm of the guys for creating these memories for their senior year photographs has exceeded previous years with high school senior boys.

The seniors for next year’s graduation class of 2021, I swear, they must’ve been noodling ideas for a few weeks. They have had a little more time than usual to consider ideas for their senior pictures. I mean, what else did they really have going on during pandemic restrictions?

The most important thing for these young people to remember while in front of my lens is to just be themselves and have fun.

Show your passions and let me tell you what to do with your hands.

I love action shots because they really challenge my timing and freezing the action with shutter speed and light duration.

By far, when someone is so animated in their creativity that they practically play a character, that is the most fun to photograph. David acting out his Duck Dynasty dreams was that kind of entertaining senior this year. His session was one of the most fun.

He also delivered musical talents for the camera as well as exploring the river bed in his coveralls.

If you are a senior this year, I hope your portrait session was an adventure. If you haven’t had a portrait session yet, it’s not too late. We have a few openings. Hit the contact button and drop me a request!