Reflections of My First Newborn Shoot

If you read my story about “why I snapped” that gives you some insight into how my career as a photographer started out.

From that point, I’d say that it was always my intent to be a newborn photographer. Anne Geddes was really at her peak at that time and a huge influencer to me. But I had no resources to purchase much material nor contacts to work with that could sew. There was a lot of trial and error and that felt like it was creating a hole in our family budget.

With no knowledge of what a vision board was, no youtube for creative step by step guidance and Amazon still known as an online bookstore, the internet was still still a hit or miss search. Hard to believe how it turned the corner so fast.

Having somehow found very rudimentary blogs from photographers like Scott Kelby and David Ziser, I learned the more technical stuff before learning the creative secrets. And maybe I learned it in the correct order, like learning music theory, notes and chords instead of memorizing Stairway to Heaven.

Happy with the learning I was getting from the guys, I veered off into the direction of concentrating on the technical aspects of lighting. Starting out with very warm 2-light construction light set and flashlights and a Home Depot invented light pole. I ended up a strobe photographer before I learned natural light photography.

November 2010 – my first “photo booth.” In a cold, cement bunker garage with a red curtain nailed to a wood beam and a set of construction lights.

I am not sure exactly when my first newborn photograph was taken, I know I was desperately looking for babies to photograph. My first dedicated newborn shoot was in 2012 and looking back at it, I don’t think it’s too bad.

two days old, my first dedicated newborn shoot, baby Declan, February 2012. This was a home shoot, I brought a strobe, a 36″ deep octa softbox mounted on a paint stick and “grandpa” held it for me. I also bought a large piece of black velvet cloth at JoAnne Fabrics on my way to the shoot.
The baby was very fresh and somewhat jaundice so I converted many of the files to black and white. Strobe feathered from the right from the top of the head down.

Home shoots are lifestyle oriented. Studio shoots I love to do now here at my home studio and utilize my new windowed room for beautiful natural light shoots.

Natural Light Shoot, January 2020

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