• July 13, 2024

Backdrop II

In anticipation of the writers conference this weekend, (See this page if you’re interested) I’ve created yet another project for myself. Since I loved how the first canvas backdrop I painted back in March turned out, I am painting another one. I have intended to anyway, but life and time don’t intersect until I force them to. (sorry writers, I know, i shouldn’t end a sentence that way)

The Miller Paint store had a closeout on the Ralph Lauren Matte base paint, only for the dark tint colors, which is great, dark backdrops are what I wanted.  This paint I’m using today is a dusky grey violet base, I think it is making a great base for the canvas. I’ve not yet decided what other colors to blend in, I’ll have to let that come to me while I vacuum.

The canvas is just the canvas drop cloth from Home Depot, 9×6.

I can hardly wait to try it out. Who will be the first to have a sitting in front of this lovely?

DIY Backdrop Painting
Painting a dusky grey violet background for the studio.
DIY Backdrop Painting
Setting out the cloth in the new office area.
Painting Backdrops for the studio
The Ralph Lauren paint was on closeout at the Miller Paint store in Ballard.