Suzy Petrucci, Wedding & Portrait Photographer, GlimmerGlass Photography in Seattle
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Front Porch Portraits

Hi, I'm Suzy Petrucci, a parishioner at St. Alphonsus Parish in Ballard.

I am offering opportunities to photograph families for portraits on their own porch or in their backyard. A great opportunity if you have a graduate and want a cap and gown portrait.

These are memorable times and this is an excellent way to capture a few moments to record for your own family history.

If you would like to have a family portrait session, if you have a graduate and need a good portrait, please send me the contact form below and we can schedule it right away!

These sessions are only $50 and you will receive a digital file from the session.

You'll also have an opportunity to purchase value priced print packages and photo printed coffee mugs! You can order online right from the gallery and they'll ship directly to you!

If you would like to participate, here's how it works:

Fill out and submit the form, specify here your preferences for dates and times, your address and also your phone number to text you to let you know I'm on my way.

As Always, I look forward to photographing you!