engagement night photography with reflection pool
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engagement night photography with reflection pool

This isn't really a reflection pool that's in front of them, it's a giant puddle of water on a dock at the Seattle Waterfront. The Viaduct is still up in the background.

Shooting at night takes patience and ambition and I'm thankful that this couple was so willing to participate in this shot. At the time, they had no idea what the significance of the number 12 meant to the Seahawk fans of Seattle. This was the evening before a big playoff game (that we lost).

This shot might not look the same today, there may no longer be the golden glow of so many incandescent bulbs throughout the city. There was light reflecting off the puddle but I still used my speedlite with it set to manual and a 200mm cone of light toward them as not to blow out the scene.

The bride really wanted the Space Needle in a shot, so I brought them to GasWorks Park to get this shot.

Glimmerglass Photography by Suzy Petrucci, GlimmerGlassPhoto.com Seattle, WA

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