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You MAY love this idea!

May is for Mothers and June is for Grads (and dads).

If you have a son or daughter graduating this June and you waited to do the senior portraits because you knew their style or physical appearance (or grades?) could change by the end of their senior year, then I am most certainly speaking to you!

May is really perfect for getting those seniors photographed in time for the big announcement. PLUS, if you book with me in May, you have the opportunity to get in a little Mother’s Day gift to go along with the Senior’s session (and have a special present for dad out of it, too!)

With every senior portrait session, I like to include a few images with mom.

I always start in the studio, take a few images, create a game plan and then move on to some of the best locations

I firmly believe that the senior portraits are my clients very first personal branding images. But these images are as important to mom as they are to the senior. Mom is usually present for these sessions and she is always invited to be in an image or two because her years of support facilitated the pending pomp and circumstance.

Yes, it is a big deal and mom is celebrated for her efforts every year on the second Sunday in May.


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A woman named Anna Marie Jarvis led the movement for a day of commemoration for mothers after her mother’s death. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother’s Day, held on the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honor mothers. Jarvis might not be pleased with the commercialization of how Mother’s Day has come to be observed with a token card or gift. After a mother’s passing, it’s not unusual to wish you had done things a little differently and spent some kind of meaningful time together.

It is gratifying to me to watch mothers and daughters interact under my direction, they laugh because they don’t normally hug or feel that close. When I get the opportunity to give a mom that kind of a gift, it is chicken soup for my soul.