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Why I Need to Photograph You

As a photographer with a passion for beautiful images, I need you as a client.

When you plan for a session in front of my lens, prepare to feel gorgeous. 

Because you are more to me than a client, more than a subject, you are my inspiration to create beautiful images, ones that you will love.

As you prepare with wardrobe, hair and makeup, you will feel yourself transforming, you will feel yourself becoming confident and glamorous. 

Inside my Conway studio, the surroundings might appear minimal and that is intentional.  My studio is mainly about the amazing light that is built in by the classic window styling.  The minimal surroundings put the emphasis on you, the openness is meant to be filled by the movement and spirit of creating, to allow for mobility in achieving angles and poses.  I will be guiding you through the entire process.  

It isn’t your job to be photogenic, although at this point you will obviously know that you are, but relax and have fun because I will be directing and posing you, moving around you and adjusting light modifiers toward and away from you in order to capture incredible images that I know you will love.

Yet that’s not the end of the story.  We connected, probably by phone or in person, had a consultation on wardrobe and discussed the best booking dates. I likely assigned you a makeup artist and hair stylist to be ready for you the day of the shoot. Then that delightfully fun shoot with you and maybe even a friend or daughter or mom. We would have done poses that might be worthy of a yoga class, and you held up like a super model. There were a couple wardrobe changes and hair & makeup adjustments and we most certainly laughed a whole bunch! This energy produces something for keeps! This is a power session and I work to create for you a lasting memory as evidence of your genuine beauty that gleams through your smile, your eyes and your movements. 

After our session I will caringly edit the images, looking for your genuine expressions, the one’s you might not see in yourself as often as you used to, the ones that reveal your inner self. I look for those graceful poses that show off that best version of you and the images that have that perfect mix of shadow and light intended to create a picture worthy of a renaissance painting. I would love to reveal those images to you in print a few weeks after our session.

There is so much more to a portrait than just the simple snap of a shutter especially when inspiration is there to capture and create something to treasure.