• March 31, 2023

Scenes from a Gala

The annual St. Alphonsus Fundraiser Auction and Gala. This year the “fund a dream” was dedicated to updating the science department’s materials for educating students in the areas of air, water, space and all aspects of God’s glorious creations.

“Carnival in Venice” was the theme for the party. The color palette they used for their promotional posters inspired me to to create a backdrop to use for my mobile portrait studio. I love the idea of getting a fun and good looking photo at a party, like in a booth, only more classic looking. Because I love what I do, I tend to really go all out and be creative as well as interactive (you might say I’m the old school original version of what it means to be “social”) The service I provide is meant to be more of an experience for those being photographed as well as a presentation for the onlookers waiting their turn, it’s like a mini event at the event. Whereas a box you climb into, close a drape and press a button doesn’t do that. Participating in an opportunity to be interactive setting has the potential to make you smile and awaken a little bit of enthusiasm and creativity sprinkled with a pinch of studio magic!

Your photographer

This year was the first year I attempted (and somewhat succeeded) with color print glossies. Since the backdrop was in the color scape of the theme, it seemed only appropriate. Altho I used what could be considered an “obsolete” printer (it’s more than 5 years old) and specialty paper print profiles are not available for my model of printer, I did manage to get some nice on the spot prints for guests, but they were not consistent. The gallery link below can offer professionally printed images in larger sizes. With each image you purchase, you will also receive the corresponding high resolution digital file. So if you loved the photo, go get one!

To see the complete set of photo booth portraits, click on this link to visit the gallery!