• July 13, 2024

Real Estate and Interior Shots

There are many situations that call for interior photography. Real estate sales, remodeling examples, room organization, kitchen demonstrations,  interior design work.  One of the most frequently seen styles of interior photography is the before and after remodel example.  The biggest key to selling a remodel is to make sure you get the “before” shot. That’s the shot that most people forget but that’s the shot that makes the “after” so much more incredible.

Over this past weekend, I did a very basic interior shoot to display a makeover of a boat’s salon area. The area of the salon is 9′ wide x 12′ long. It’s tight quarters that requires a little “flexibility” in my positioning the camera. Since the vessel was “under wraps” for the winter, the windows are covered so shooting into the window of the bow into the salon was not an option and there were only a few openings for natural light to filter into the salon. Using a flash can be prohibitive in such a confined area because there would inevitably be a hot spot somewhere from an on camera flash and there was no room for a soft box stand.

Remembering my motto for this year — “use what you have” I encourage myself to work more creatively.  Reaching for my toolbox of skills, I sometimes forget I have the ability to create an HDR images. Being mainly a portrait photographer, HDR isn’t a flattering technique for faces unless it’s gritty football player or boxer.  HDR photography for rugged landscapes and interior details is one of the most visually striking ways to showcase a balance of highlights and shadows and capture all the details of a scene, this technique works particularly well for real estate sales shots. It takes time to capture the images as well as to process them later. You need a good tripod, a wide angle lens (but not a fisheye) and a shutter release (I use the timer) keeping the image at the same F stop and ISO for each exposure, take the shutter from faster to slower by 3 stops in between. I collected 5 exposures for the two remodeled examples below and stacked them to create one brilliant image from each angle of the boat’s remodeled salon interior.  I love the look.


(Top) A typical phone image showing before shot. (Lower) an image using an onboard flash to show work in progress.

This is the only shot I could find that shows a glimpse of the shabby plywood floor.
Interior Design Before and After – Boat Salon Remodel

Below are the two HDR images, click on the images to zoom in for richer detail.

The top images is taken from the aft stairs and the other taken from the bow ledge. This technique shows striking details pulled from shadows and keeping highlights balanced.

Interior HDR photography
GlimmerGlass Interior Photography to show room details. Interior HDR photography


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A rare photo of your photographer.
A rare photo of your photographer. Hit the contact button to reach me for some HDR images of your interior design and remodel projects. Be sure to get some good ‘before’ shots before you start!