• July 13, 2024

Pinup – Cruise to Colby Style

to see images from the pageant photo booth visit my gallery link here

For Memorial Day, our son got us tickets to go to “tank fest nw” – which I fondly call, “Festival of the Tanks”

I have several tank images that I’ve posted to my instagram account, you can see one here they’re actually pretty neat. While at this “Festival of the Tanks” there were some interesting booths. Some with ammunition, some with different uniforms from different countries. There was one booth with an incredible display of military photography from “The War” – Group shots of military guys and field shots, the camera gear was also on display.

There was one booth that particularly caught our eyes, a lovely woman dressed in 40’s style with hair and makeup, she was stunning. She told us about this pageant taking place and that it was also a benefit, so the entry fee was going toward a good cause. (well, a portion of it anyway).

Ange contacted her girlfriend immediately and they were planning to dress up and enter, it was taking place the very next day at a bar in Everett. I had planned to just go along separately, I wanted to get photos of them getting ready and I didn’t want to be out too late.  They had planned to get ready at Ange’s friend’s house but her friend was coming down with a cold and by 4pm she was feeling pretty wilted and decided not to do it. I was nearly to the house when Ange rang me to say “change of plans.”  So we ended up getting just Ange ready at her house, I didn’t get to take any “get ready” shots because I was helping her get ready. Then I drove her to the event, the form said she needed to be at the location by 7pm.  Sadly it didn’t end up starting until 10pm, this made for a very long and weary night.

The group had fun activities planned, but none of them were starting until 9pm.  I had my camera equipment in my car because I was going to take some get ready pictures and was hoping to get some nice poses before the pageant of the girls before they left the house…

Anyway, that’s how I ended up taking so many Pin-up pictures at the pageant because, what else was I supposed to do?