• July 13, 2024
Fresnel Lens Heceta head lighthouse

Valentine be Mine

For our 30 year wedding anniversary, Mike and I took a couple days and went down to the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Heceta Head is located south of Yachats and north of Florence, off the beautiful 101 on the Oregon Coast. There’s a bed and breakfast there at the old Light Keepers house. The idea of staying at a lighthouse property just gave me a rush of excitement every time I imagined the trip. But wow, it was so much more than I imagined. I’d never been to a bed and breakfast before.…

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St Al Service Day

It was a beautiful, sunny day here in our corner of the earth. Seattle is really a pretty place when the gloomy clouds scatter away and you can actually see it. It’s like getting over a cold, you really appreciate feeling better so much more. I ventured over to St. Alphonsus Parish School to do some photography for them, and even more good news for our fair city, it also happened to be a service day for the students.  Some classes were creating Valentine cards, one room of 5th grade…

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Championship Rock Skipping

Earlier this year (hehehe) okay, on January 12th, I was a participant in a live audience for the Creative Live online channel, it was a class called “Incredible Engagement Photography” and the instructor was Mr. Pye Jirsa who also is the creator of the website, “F-Stoppers”  I truly enjoyed his class, he pulled a lot of his posing instruction from a book I had just gotten at Christmastime, Picture Perfect Posing by Roberto Valenzuela.  (Check out Robertos extremely cool portfoli website here) It was a tremendous help to be able to participate…

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The best memories are the best memories.

Give Thanks for the Best Memories

Thanksgiving can be a difficult day for people without family to visit but sometimes the difficulty is especially for people WITH family to visit. Family that we love dearly but want to keep at arms length, or maybe the people who are the anchors in our lives but anchors that we feel might hold us back. But what is really holding us back? Mothers and Fathers know us much more intimately than anyone else in our lives and maybe what is holding us back isn’t their over bearing love for…

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Buck and Doe

I met this couple a few months ago to discuss their wedding, they were sweet and shy. Then we met again in July, they were much more comfortable to discuss things by then. Their wedding was this weekend. The venue was the Lazy River Ranch at the Sidetrack Distillery in Kent.  The area is all flat, no hills. The barn is the main attraction and the cottages are efficient and cozy. There are power lines and trains to contend with, but I will not do train track pictures. I will…

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Show Stoppers

I really love the drama that the Capitol Theatre offered for this wedding.  Although the theatre is in rough shape, it is very old and everything is mismatched, the walls were peeling, the lighting was a huge task but although finding lighting for a bride was challenging here, I was in love with the contrasting shadows, the stage lighting, the soft filtered light from the old dirty windows with worn out curtains, it was really much more interesting than flat room light. Upstairs of the theatre was a labyrinth of rooms that I…

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Remember when computers first became a new household appliance? You’d have to be in your upper forties at the least (I assume) to be clear on what I’m talking about. I was in my early twenties, a parent of two young (most beautiful in the world) children, when we got our first computer. I wasn’t big on decorating the house back then, we had a split level at the time, the downstairs floor was concrete and we didn’t have much by way of furnishings but the computer was considered an “investment.”…

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Comic book chic

Glamming up the Glam

I’ve been laid up a week or so with the worst sinusitis I’ve ever had, one interruption after the next while trying to complete my glamour courses with the incomparable Ms. Sue Bryce. The 28 Days with Sue might just end up 28 weeks. Sue’s teaching is terrific but all of the images she shoots that I’ve been in awe of, it’s all shot using reflectors and big window light. I’ve been many years a strobe junkie because, well, my windows are little, I’m in Seattle and in the past the outpouring of sunshine has…

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Sunset Cannon Beach 2015

Coasting the Oregon Coast

Part of the fun of getting away is planning but sometimes just leaving on a whim is fun. What I find is the best part of the fun is meeting people and sharing the stories. This trip was not planned. It was a last minute opportunity. Mike and I love the Oregon Coast, we have not been to Cannon Beach for a stay ever, we have gone to Bandon or Newport. I guess we like to drive. When you’re self employed you need to go far from the ever longer reach of the job…

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Glamour in 28 Days

The past couple weeks, other than fighting a sinus infection, I’ve also have been engaged in learning 80’s glamour photography. Well, relearning since I lived through the 80’s and spent lots of time with my nose in the magazines. I’m following a course called, 28 Days with Sue Bryce. Her course on the surface doesn’t seem to be all that rigorous and I suppose that is why when I watched it and got so excited to do it, well, she makes it look pretty easy. But it’s like relearning how to…

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