• September 23, 2023

Muench Workshops

I am excited to tell you that I have been selected to be part of the live audience for the Creative Live Workshop with Marc Muench, Landscape Photographer.  The episodes will be airing LIVE on the Creative Live Internet site this Thursday & Friday, January 8 &9 from 8am to 4pm. You are welcome to watch for free the day it is showing live and after that there is a charge to cue it up to view at your leisure.

It’s kind of a quirky coincidence that I was selected because back in August when Mike and I were spur-of-the-moment planning our jaunt out to Yellowstone National Park, Marc’s name came up in a search. I knew that I didn’t want to go into the park without a clue, I wanted to take some of the guided tours and at some point I found Marc was one of their regular photography tour guides. However, our trip did not coincide with his schedule at all.  That is my only familiarity with him, that I thought it would be cool to hang out with him at Yellowstone because he can show me where to take the best photographs.

Then, about a month and a half ago I got an email from Creative Live inviting me to be part of their live studio audience. I have no idea how I was chosen for this kind of slot. One of the questions I had to answer to apply to be chosen was, why would you want to be part of this workshop?  I’m completely unsure of whether or not I end that sentence with a question mark or not…but anyway….my answer was that I am mainly a “portrait” style photographer but I love to take landscape images and while I love the pictures I have from my past trips, I would love for them to be even more exciting. I want them to really capture the feeling of what I was experiencing to be able to convey that in a few pictures.

That’s the other thing, thinning the herd….of photographs I mean.  In trying to relay the excitement of a travel experience, showing MORE of the same similar photographs isn’t at all the same as showing just a few really GREAT photographs.  Anyone know what I’m talking about here?

I hope you’ll have some time to tune in FREE on the internet for the workshop. It is only free of charge to watch on the two days that the workshops are showing live, which is this week, January 8 & 9 from 8am to 4pm (with breaks for lunch, etc).  Check out the workshop at https://www.creativelive.com/courses/landscape-photography-marc-muench and to see some of Marc’s phenomenal work, see his website here. http://www.muenchphotography.com

Can’t wait to tell you how it went!