• June 30, 2022

Glamour Studio

Shooting Natural light did not come easy to me. Committing to it still feels foreign but commit to it I have. In the past two weeks I’ve done something that I’ve only imagined I would do, I leased a space. I saw the light and I was overtaken by it. I put my money down, bought some paint, and made it mine. For a year any way.

My V-Flats were too tall for the car so we cut them down a bit, I trucked over¬†my cool little Ikea ladder and some apple boxes (which maybe I’ll paint over the summer). I’ve done a couple of really nice natural light sessions so far.

The look I desire is pure beauty and what I get is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s easy this time of year, the light lasts well past 7pm so after work appointments are fine for now. I’ll bring in some lights and likely do a Christmas Portrait Event there as well.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, my Glamour Studio is in Conway, I’m 32 steps above Curious Goods. Conway is right at the exit for Hwy 534, turn as though you were going to LaConner. Conway might only be a two block town but it’s right between Mt Vernon and Stanwood and easy to access. Plus it’s simply charming to be part of it.

Below is an image from my first two sessions, a head shot session and a glamour session in “dirty windows studio” in Conway. Both are natural light only from the windows. In a future post, I’ll give you a look inside. Or even better, come up and see me sometime. *wink*



Glamour Images in “dirty window light” studio


©GlimmerGlassPhoto.com РMy very first headshot session in my new Conway studio.