• July 13, 2024

Fifth Annual Christmas Portrait Event!

This Thanksgiving Weekend, when all your family is together, make a date for one more intentional family fun memory that will last for generations! Come over to my house and have a free sitting for a family portrait!

I am decking out my studio in a rustic winter theme with lights and barn wood and a little greenery.

Here’s all you need to do:

5 easy steps

  1. Friday, Saturday or Sunday – pick a day & time, send me an email or give me a call to schedule
  2.  Coordinate your family for the appointment and decide how to dress (casual, semi dressy, totally up to you!)
  3.  Show up on time to have a fun 20 minute session for a family photo to use for framing, gifting or holiday cards.
  4. At the same appointment, if you have time, we can look at the images and decide if you want to purchase a package or digitals. OR – I can send you a link to the online gallery and you can decide then. Once you choose, you can pay with cash, check or card for whatever package fits your needs. You get the full resolution digitals to create cards, ornaments or what have you — or if you want full service, I can totally order for you!
  5. Once you choose a package, your printed images arrive within 2 weeks for gift giving or hanging on the wall!

There is no session fee for this event, it always brings smiles and laughs as the family coordinates their posing and banters their thoughts of holidays past, present and future. It is truly family fun time and a fun family tradition. There is no obligation to purchase however, should you decide you’d like to purchase images from the session, the packages start at $50

Easy and affordable.


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