eGift Cards* Now Available

Choose any denomination you’d like.

Custom your amount for $199 (the average headshot session) and use the discount code QUARANTINE2020 for $50 off your $199 or more eGift card purchase.

The discount code option expires on April 30, 2020, but the card will be valid for a portrait session or product through the end of the year for the full value.

Purchase your gift today at this link!

glimmerglass portrait session later
Gift cards help generate an income stream while we wait out the uncertainty of these few days or weeks of quarantine.

At this strange slice in time, these days will reflect our character in history, our will to commit ourselves individually in order to overcome it together.

The experience of a family portrait is genuinely an intentional experience, one that will recollect the moments of the time you spent preparing, posing and being together to create it each time you view it. I would be honored for you to hire me for this task and pleased to deliver it to you as a mounted art print, such as the style I talk about here:

Your eGift Card purchase helps to keep my photography business going now and into the future.

Thank you.

Suzy Petrucci

*gift cards are not be redeemable for cash.

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