• May 28, 2022
Comic book chic

Glamming up the Glam

I’ve been laid up a week or so with the worst sinusitis I’ve ever had, one interruption after the next while trying to complete my glamour courses with the incomparable Ms. Sue Bryce. The 28 Days with Sue might just end up 28 weeks. Sue’s teaching is terrific but all of the images she shoots that I’ve been in awe of, it’s all shot using reflectors and big window light. I’ve been many years a strobe junkie because, well, my windows are little, I’m in Seattle and in the past the outpouring of sunshine has…

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Sunset Cannon Beach 2015

Coasting the Oregon Coast

Part of the fun of getting away is planning but sometimes just leaving on a whim is fun. What I find is the best part of the fun is meeting people and sharing the stories. This trip was not planned. It was a last minute opportunity. Mike and I love the Oregon Coast, we have not been to Cannon Beach for a stay ever, we have gone to Bandon or Newport. I guess we like to drive. When you’re self employed you need to go far from the ever longer reach of the job…

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Senior Experience Photography in Seattle

July Glimmering Senior Portrait Special

The first week of July is right around the corner. GlimmerGlass Photography is offering the “Glimmering Senior Package” with a discount of $150 for bookings in the month of July. The coming week is going to be gorgeous weather for sunset hour photography. I have some openings midweek if anyone is interested. Photography at sunset will give the image a real warmth. And the Glimmering Senior package is only $650 this month!  You’ll need four hours to work with me, that includes makeup, wardrobe and three sets of background shots,…

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Painting my own backdrop

Backdrop II

In anticipation of the writers conference this weekend, (See this page if you’re interested) I’ve created yet another project for myself. Since I loved how the first canvas backdrop I painted back in March turned out, I am painting another one. I have intended to anyway, but life and time don’t intersect until I force them to. (sorry writers, I know, i shouldn’t end a sentence that way) The Miller Paint store had a closeout on the Ralph Lauren Matte base paint, only for the dark tint colors, which is great, dark…

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GlimmerGlass Engagement Photogrpahy

Lights Out!

In an unanticipated turn of events, well, let’s just say that I’ve had better days. Sunday afternoon, hoping for sun in order to do some beautiful park photos but planning for rain and as it was, it was rain. So there I was at 3pm, situating my studio for an engagement/family session expecting a group of three.  In preparation, I wanted to test my lighting setup and while my son was here, it gave me an opportunity to go through a short check list for focal distance, V-Flat situating, lighting,…

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You don’t look as bad as you think.

Want to improve the way you look in portraits? Maybe you’d like to help your subject improve their looks? Here are 9 pretty good tips to try out next time you’re in front of (or behind) the lens.   9 Reasons You Look Awful in Photos… And How to Fix Them    

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Seattle Photographer Client Photos

New Care Concepts

I am so proud to be able to tell you that I had the honor to photograph the staff and clients for this incredibly compassionate and hard working group of individuals that make up the specialized care organization called New Care Concepts. They have an office location right in the heart of Old Ballard on Market Street.  Check out their website, they’ve totally revamped it. I love the logos that Susan Giordano came up with for them, Susan is the gal that orchestrated the entire effort of revising their online…

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Olympic National Forest


We spent our 29th Anniversary weekend at the Lake Qunault Lodge in the Olympic National Forest.  The lodge was built in 1926 and in 1937 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited the lodge. The dining room then became known as “The Roosevelt Room” ever since. The menu of what was served that day for dinner is posted outside of “The Roosevelt Room.” There didn’t appear to be choices, it looked like a menu from a traditional supper club with the side dish being a gelatin vegetable ring and cottage cheese. Although the rooms are not at…

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Newborn Photography