• May 30, 2023

In Camera Camera Tricks

Photography is my job and sometimes I just gotta have a little fun with my work. Having fun is a necessary component to inspire creativity and the interactive playing with these ideas with other creatives inspires new ideas. Having watched a youtube video about prisms, I bought a few inexpensive items at the local Hobby Lobby and tried a few refracting in-camera tricks. There were several prism suggestions, I thought I’d just try working on two of them. First I tried a home made prism technique using three mirrors. The…

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Championship Rock Skipping

Earlier this year (hehehe) okay, on January 12th, I was a participant in a live audience for the Creative Live online channel, it was a class called “Incredible Engagement Photography” and the instructor was Mr. Pye Jirsa who also is the creator of the website, “F-Stoppers”  I truly enjoyed his class, he pulled a lot of his posing instruction from a book I had just gotten at Christmastime, Picture Perfect Posing by Roberto Valenzuela.  (Check out Robertos extremely cool portfoli website here) It was a tremendous help to be able to participate…

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Painting my own backdrop

Backdrop II

In anticipation of the writers conference this weekend, (See this page if you’re interested) I’ve created yet another project for myself. Since I loved how the first canvas backdrop I painted back in March turned out, I am painting another one. I have intended to anyway, but life and time don’t intersect until I force them to. (sorry writers, I know, i shouldn’t end a sentence that way) The Miller Paint store had a closeout on the Ralph Lauren Matte base paint, only for the dark tint colors, which is great, dark…

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