• August 9, 2022

In Camera Camera Tricks

Photography is my job and sometimes I just gotta have a little fun with my work. Having fun is a necessary component to inspire creativity and the interactive playing with these ideas with other creatives inspires new ideas. Having watched a youtube video about prisms, I bought a few inexpensive items at the local Hobby Lobby and tried a few refracting in-camera tricks. There were several prism suggestions, I thought I’d just try working on two of them. First I tried a home made prism technique using three mirrors. The…

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Eagle in the fields

A World Away (but not far at all)

This past weekend, last weekend in January, it wasn’t too cold, mid 40’s and after the epic, “First Week”  we were really looking forward to getting out of the city for a couple nights. Mike and I went up to visit Boaty up in LaConner and even though it’s winter and we’re not going to leave the dock, it’s a great little place to go for a two night stay. We brought the terrible twins (the dogs), thankfully the rain held off until Sunday afternoon because wet dogs all weekend would stink. Literally. I washed…

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Championship Rock Skipping

Earlier this year (hehehe) okay, on January 12th, I was a participant in a live audience for the Creative Live online channel, it was a class called “Incredible Engagement Photography” and the instructor was Mr. Pye Jirsa who also is the creator of the website, “F-Stoppers”  I truly enjoyed his class, he pulled a lot of his posing instruction from a book I had just gotten at Christmastime, Picture Perfect Posing by Roberto Valenzuela.  (Check out Robertos extremely cool portfoli website here) It was a tremendous help to be able to participate…

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