• May 28, 2022

God Created Woman

God created man in His own image and His beauty He reserved to give to women. A woman’s energy is ignited when encountering other women that share similar enthusiasm for life. Iron surely does sharpen iron, a fact proven to me again and again when I am in the company of other women, especially women with entrepreneurial goals who, driven by their enthusiasm to reach them. My blog post today began a few of months ago in LaConner. I met with some friends that are hair stylists and beauty consultants Business women…

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Pinup – Cruise to Colby Style

to see images from the pageant photo booth visit my gallery link here For Memorial Day, our son got us tickets to go to “tank fest nw” – which I fondly call, “Festival of the Tanks” I have several tank images that I’ve posted to my instagram account, you can see one here they’re actually pretty neat. While at this “Festival of the Tanks” there were some interesting booths. Some with ammunition, some with different uniforms from different countries. There was one booth with an incredible display of military photography from…

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Julie Tobiason, Glamour

Glamour Sessions Now Booking!

  Seeing your images for the first time after the session is going to feel very special to you. I want to show you the you that you have always known yourself to be but don’t often have the opportunity to project in this fast paced, crazy world. That gorgeous you, the woman you know you are but maybe you haven’t met her in the mirror for a while. Give yourself that permission to exist in beautiful images to keep, display and be cherished by your children, grandchildren, your siblings or parents to remember you, this…

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Comic book chic

Glamming up the Glam

I’ve been laid up a week or so with the worst sinusitis I’ve ever had, one interruption after the next while trying to complete my glamour courses with the incomparable Ms. Sue Bryce. The 28 Days with Sue might just end up 28 weeks. Sue’s teaching is terrific but all of the images she shoots that I’ve been in awe of, it’s all shot using reflectors and big window light. I’ve been many years a strobe junkie because, well, my windows are little, I’m in Seattle and in the past the outpouring of sunshine has…

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Glamour in 28 Days

The past couple weeks, other than fighting a sinus infection, I’ve also have been engaged in learning 80’s glamour photography. Well, relearning since I lived through the 80’s and spent lots of time with my nose in the magazines. I’m following a course called, 28 Days with Sue Bryce. Her course on the surface doesn’t seem to be all that rigorous and I suppose that is why when I watched it and got so excited to do it, well, she makes it look pretty easy. But it’s like relearning how to…

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